In order to support you in your development projects, L’Assemblage helps you obtain the necessary financing. From traditional bank financing to subsidies, our experts will help you find the best opportunities, negotiate, and fill out your applications…

Samuel Venezia, our financing expert, with 20 years of experience in the banking field, and his partners will accompany and help you with these complex and technical issues.

Examples of financeable positions:

  • Export: recruitment of an export executive, a VI, development of a distribution network
  • Sales: financing of stock to launch a new product, short-term credit to finance supplies, financing of customer accounts
    Marketing: strategic development advice, marketing plan on target markets, marketing tools, wine tourism
  • Production: productive investments to improve the production tool, construction, extension or environmental procedures, IT development (e.g. ERP)
  • Other: self-training, aid from the water agency for equipment investments, aid from France Agrimer

Bank financing

  • Classic amortizable credit
  • Real estate or equipment leasing
  • Short term financing (inventories, accounts receivable…)


  • We assist you to prepare your grant applications
  • Close contacts with national, regional and local funding agencies
  • Specialist in Pass’Export, Cap International and Talent’Export

Chèque Relance Export

  • We are accredited by the French State for the Chèque Relance Export
  • Finance your export development
  • Receive up to 9,000€ in grants (non-refundable)

Insurance Prospecting Support

  • We are accredited by the BPI for the APA
  • Receive up to 40,000€ advance from the BPI
  • Reimbursement in case of success