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Le collectif L'Assemblage

During his 15 years of experience in multinationals and SMEs, François Drounau realized that there was often a missing link in the chain carrying out the various brand development projects, especially those that were not in the company’s core business: multinationals always lack time, SMEs often lack resources.

Based on this observation, he decided to create the first outsourced marketing company in wine and spirits in 2014: L’Assemblage. In 2017, to meet growing needs, L’Assemblage expanded its area of expertise to operations and Cécile Bagot joined François to offer clients support in Organization, Lean and Continuous Improvement.


In 2019, Cécile moved to Singapore and L’Assemblage expanded to Asia, an area that is now essential in terms of sales, digital technology and procurement.

In 2020, L’Assemblage welcomed its third expert, Guillaume Chaput, and added Human Resources skills to its portfolio of activities. He has been responding to a strong demand from clients concerned about managing their human resources issues, which are increasingly important and complex these days.

In 2021, with the Covid crisis in full swing, L’Assemblage decided to broaden its field of expertise, integrating new experts and reviewing its positioning. The company has become a collective and welcomed:

  • Frédéric Partaix, marketing and digital marketing expert, also in charge of developing the Languedoc-Roussillon, PACA and Rhône areas
  • Samuel Vénezia, ex-banker and financing expert
  • Marion Martinez, Corporate Social Responsibility expert

This new expertise, combined with other partnerships formed in recent years, has enabled L’Assemblage to position itself as the preferred partner with wine and spirits companies. Combining expertise and agility, L’Assemblage assists these players in the development of their companies, their brands and their projects.

This new stage perfectly illustrates the “mantra” and initial vision of François Drounau at the creation of L’Assemblage: “it is the amalgamation of our skills that will determine our clients ‘success”.